Qi Coin® NFTs: Own Digital Art With a Purpose.

**Attributes to Qi Coin®, Qi Coin NFT. ®


In a world where a “Bored Ape” NFT has recently sold for $2.7 million or where you can routinely purchase a Mutant NFT for $3.8 million  or a Crypto Punk NFT for $23.7 million you have to ask yourself some questions. Throughout the ages art has always been purchased for its beauty, however can that be applied to the modern day age with the sale of block pixelized images for millions of dollars? We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we respect any and all of the NFTs which have been purchased even “the First 5000 Days” Beeple which sold for $69 million and “The Merge” for $91.8 million albeit to a crowd of collectors.

FIAT money is guaranteed to be worth less.

It has now become clear to many more people that the FIAT money that you transact in (i.e Dollars Pounds, Euros, Etc. is devaluing at an alarming rate around the world, with the highest inflation rate recorded for almost 40 years. Energy, food, housing and borrowing costs are now increasing at an unsustainable rate for many people and all of this is happening while our political and corporate leaders arrogantly tell us that the economy is strong. Even if all of these geopolitical events were not occurring it has always been government policy to devalue your money by a certain amount each year by aiming to hit a certain inflation rate target.

Buy Into the Qi Coin® Revolution

Now NFT purchasers have the opportunity to buy 2 exclusive and unique NFTs (only 1 has been minted of each) from the Qi Coin® “Sound Money” collection. Qi Coin® have again demonstrated their innovative thinking by not only releasing these NFTs but by also undertaking that anybody who purchases these NFTs will literally cement a place in history by being one of the leaders in pushing forward the Qi Coin® Project. Qi Coin® have stated that the sale proceeds will only be used to progress the Qi Coin® Project in many ways and that in addition to this they will convey to the purchaser, or hold the Qi Coin® in trust for them, the sum of Qi 1,111,000 which they expect will be worth an absolute fortune in the near future. They hope that the type of buyer who buys these NFTs will hold these tokens and use them for philanthropic purposes (but of course that would be the owner’s choice).

These NFTs are priced at 666 Ethereum each and are listed on the Opensea platform. The proceeds will be put towards Qi Coin’s goals of disrupting the traditional banking and financial system, moving us all towards the goal of “sound money”. The Links to these NFTs are shown below:



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