An Introduction to the World of Digital Finance from the Finance Fox….

A small town girl from Rickmansworth, stepping out into the big world of Digital Finance, how does this happen you ask? Well lets just find out and support one another in the big world of finance, business and in my view – #notomonetarism.

It may seem like a HUGE SCARY world for some, but once you have broken down the aspects of what you actually need to digest of course, what can be kept on the backburner for now and, what might be utter nonsense, my advice is, do not over learn! Take your time, take in all the things you need directly, when you have pieced these together in your mind, whatever they may be – you will start to relax and new doors will open up with new questions that you can go and venture to find the answers to for yourselves. With the right community, networking skills and fantastic advisor/mentor/patient teacher as I am very grateful to have, I am certain that any person, wherever you may be in the world, thinking about a career in finance, can do it!!

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